Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2010 Step by Step is a typical entry in the Microsoft Step-by-Step series, a great guide for the novice who enjoys literal, step-by-step instruction.  The book is less suitable for more advanced users or as a reference.

To follow along with the exercises, access to a Sharepoint 2010 Foundation server is, of course, required; most exercises will require Read/Contribute privileges on that installation.  Internet Explorer 8 or later is recommended, with limited support for other browsers.  Office 2010 would be required for chapters which use Office integration features not readily available in previous versions of that suite, which can be a drawback in corporate environments which haven’t kept pace with MS versions.

Exercises walk the user through each component in a straightforward manner; sample files can be downloaded for the hands-on segments, a value-add in any case where the text is unclear.  This is a learn-by-example text, where even the literal text fields are scripted, e.g., “in the name box, type ‘FurniturePrice'”.   Users who are computer-challenged may appreciate this approach, and it certainly imparts the required techniques to achieve a stated goal.

Advanced users would probably find the sidebars and detailed instructions distracting.

In summary, a good text for initial training or those less sure of their computer literacy.


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