Learn You a Haskell for Great GoodLearn You a Haskell for Great Good is aimed at programmers who have experience with other, imperative languages.  The book starts out with a strong introduction, including an exhortation to “stick with it” if you find Haskell a rough learning experience.

Your mileage may vary, but I understand why that remark needs to live in the first chapter of this book.  If you enjoy working through all the elements of a language before dealing with concrete examples or working code, then the book may appeal to you.  I found my attention wandering as the author takes a journey through tuples, pairs, list comprehensions, etc.

My motivation for reading this book was to learn something about functional programming and whether it has any applicability to my work.    Unfortunately, that kind of insight won’t be forthcoming until far into the text – by which time I had decided to move on to an F# text.

To the credit of the author, the text itself is relatively clear and written in easily-understood segments.  The code snippets I tried worked fine on my ancient GHC version on Ubuntu, so that was a plus.

I may return to this book after more background reading on functional programming, but for now the return on time invested just isn’t high enough.

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