Programming Amazon EC2

Programming Amazon EC2Programming Amazon EC2 is a hands-on guide to use of Amazon’s cloud platform, with a focus on showing the reader how to approach the various components of the EC2 ecosystem.   The authors state early on that the goal is to give the reader “a sense of all AWS functionality”, so you will not find any one area explored in extreme detail.

The text generally achieves its goals.  After a brief history of EC2 at Amazon, it moves quickly into establishing the necessary tools environment and then connecting to a new machine instance.  This is not a cookbook, and some mundane yet critical details (e.g., setting permissions on your key files to 400 when running on Linux) are skipped;  these are not fatal omissions, but they may hamper your experience if you are not seasoned on your platform of choice.  Also, most examples are geared toward the Linux (Ubuntu) environment, so you will need to be able to translate those commands and concepts to your chosen environment.  Once the machine image has booted, this text will assume that you are fully competent to administer the operating system of that image, including package installation, editing configuration files, etc.

Overall, good breadth of information in a relatively quick read, although you will need to follow along and try the examples with your chosen image/environment/application to really see a return on time invested.


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