The Strata Conference 2011: Complete Video Compilation presents almost fifty-three hours of video from the O’Reilly Strata Conference recently held in Silicon Valley (February 2011).  While the price point is quite high (around $400),  it’s a great value,  and a good option for those who have an interest in data but were not able to personally attend the event.

While I’m still working through the various sessions,  I’ve found the presentations so far to be impressive.  This is really about imparting some information and hopefully sparking ideas, and in that way, most of the segments succeed.  The Data Bootcamp, for instance, is a series of videos from the first day of the conference featuring data scientists from multiple organizations presenting various tools and techniques to start exploring data; they involve the audience in the process and encourage working along with the examples (posted to Github), keeping the pace high and the examples relatively straightforward.   This isn’t deep, cutting edge data slicing, but I did think “I can use this technique” many times during the Bootcamp.  Segments on Hadoop and Avro Data had a similar result.

The series isn’t perfect, suffering from occasional technical glitches such a low sound and the glitches experienced by the presenters have not been edited out, so there are some distractions.   These were not significant enough to detract from what I feel is an excellent product.




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