Mastering Git is a video title from O’Reilly which is a good value for developers who are new to Git and can learn well in a classroom-type environment.  It would be best if the viewer has had exposure to other types of version-control systems, as that vocabulary and viewpoint is assumed by the instructors.

The product is broken down into video “chapters” or individual files which address key areas of Git usage.  There is very little “fluff” here,  jumping directly into an installation and basic configuration of Git in the first segment, then moving quickly into creating a repository which is used to demonstrate the most common Git scenarios.

Both instructors obviously have experience with Git under production conditions and provide clear explanations of the Git workflow, as well as the underlying “plumbing” of Git.   The latter can be a little tedious, but it is valuable information; you won’t finish the series feeling lost within the .git directory.

Some small flaws with the video format exist, in that long command lines or URLs may be shown on the screen for an insufficient time to copy, if you’re following along.  Of course, the video can be rewound, but slightly more display time would be ideal.

For the price point, this is an excellent training option and equivalent to classroom training for which corporations regularly pay thousands.

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