Programming PythonProgramming Python, 4th Edition, is an excellent book for intermediate Python users (developers or scripters) who are working primarily with Python 3.  The author assumes a knowledge of Python fundamentals and a willingness to consult the available Python documentation.  This is not a reference book, but more of an extended tutorial, despite its massive pagecount (1500+).

This would not be a suitable text from which to learn Python – you should have some experience actually using the language, else the topics discussed will likely not be of interest or value.

Given the size and breadth of the text, of course not every chapter will be equally appealing to all readers.  For instance, since my Python work involves primarily console scripts, the coverage of subtleties with the current working directory,  subprocess module and threading was of great interest to me, while the tkinter chapters on GUI programming rated a quick skim.  Overall I was pleased with the fact that I was learning something from each chapter that either I had not known or hadn’t thought about in the context presented.

I was slightly disappointed in the database and SQL chapters, as they are relatively generic and were perhaps the only sections of the book which didn’t impart new knowledge.


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