Head First Python Review

Head First Python

Head First Python is an introduction to the Python language for programmers with a background in other languages.   By the end of the first chapter, you’ll have experienced lists, functions and iteration, while moving forward at a comfortable pace.   You will not find detailed API descriptions and edge case discussions, and the book doesn’t bog down in esoteric examples.

Programming “best practices” are not neglected, either.   Code re-use and modules are quickly brought into the discussion, and then on to basic exception handling.  I found that to be a refreshing change from most programming texts,  which seem to expend lots of ink on weird exceptions or the author’s favorite math problems, then append slim chapters at the end of the work mentioning techniques that should have been used “in the real world”.

Most code worked as written, and there are active errata pages available.  For the book’s target audience, I suspect the failures I encountered would not present any issues.

Overall, an enjoyable read and well worth the time taken to work through the exercises.  I’ll be using this at work as the basis of our internal training for one of our support groups which is transitioning from Perl to Python.


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