Virtualization A Managers Guide Virtualization: A Manager’s Guide

is a short ( about 58 pages in the ebook version ) offering from O’Reilly which is targeted towards “managers or subject matter experts outside of information technology (IT)”.   The text generally revolves around the author’s model of virtualization, which breaks the topic into subareas like access virtualization, network virtualization, etc.

While the use of this conceptual model might be compelling to those coming from an engineering or IT background, I believe it to be much less useful for the non-technical manager for whom this book was written.  Layers of services really aren’t as appealing as concrete examples.

One major problem with the work is that it enumerates all the wonderful things virtualization *can* do without parameters around where it *should* do something.   Things may be different in your world, but giving a manager an unqualified statement that “an application designed for an earlier version of the operating system may continue to function on a newer version of the operating system” can be translated as “we never have to upgrade, we’ll use virtualization!”.    This is generally bad.

On a more positive note, the book is well written and could be used by IT staff in preparing briefing materials for presentation to the business side.

Overall, a nice overview if you have never dealt with virtualization, not something you drop into management hands without a filter.

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