Managing Infrastructure with Puppet is an exceptionally short “book” from O’Reilly dealing with the  configuration management framework “Puppet”.

With a pagecount of 31 in the ebook edition and a listed price of approximately $25.00, that’s about eighty cents per page, so my expectations were extremely high regarding this work.

Unfortunately, after installing the Puppet packages on an Ubuntu installation per the instructions on page 1, the example on page 3 failed to work for me, nor did any of the example code.  I am not an inexperienced Linux user and yes, I know how to use Google, but I would expect a chapter titled “Getting Started” to have some clue as to things that might go wrong.

There may be wonderful information in this text,  but after the initial failures my interest in it’s content evaporated.   Should I need information on Puppet, I’ll consult the development wiki for the product.

Overall disappointing and not recommended.

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