Gamification Master Class videoGabe Zichermann on Gamification is a video offering from O’Reilly Publishing dealing with the topic of gamification, or the use of gaming to engage application users in ways which drive traffic and commerce.   The product consists of a series of video segments with a total view time of approximately three (3) hours.  The format is that of a small “classroom” or seminar, with a group of people seated at the table with the presenter (Gabe Zichermann) and able to interact with questions and discussion.

The product would be an appropriate choice for those interested in the concepts behind applications such as Farmville, which draw the user into a virtual world through the use of gaming concepts.   While the information is definitely thought-provoking, it is not applicable in all environments, e.g., if you’re coding mission-critical systems, this stuff isn’t for you.  That said, and while I will probably never implement any of the concepts in my current work, I did find the discussion stimulating and accessible, so from that perspective the product is a good value.

Zichermann has done an outstanding job of preparing supplemental materials, available via links shown within the video segments.    Presentation of the material itself is also smooth and professional, making it a pleasure to watch.

Overall, while not a heavy-duty coders product, definitely a good value for some outside the box brain food.

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