Tom Hughes-Croucher on Node is a nine-part video tutorial which is described as showing the viewer how Node.js solves some scaling and speed issues, as well as guiding the viewer from the basics of installation through writing a first application in Node.

After viewing the series, I can say that I have a deeper interest in knowing what Node.js can actually *do*  for me and will be researching it’s potential uses.  That would be because the underlying technology sounds interesting, not because of this video series.

Unfortunately there are too many problems with this offering to give it a positive review.

While Hughes-Croucher obviously understands the framework,  his presentation technique is fairly dry and repetitive.   Code examples are discussed without the relevant portions of the screen being highlighted, which is annoying, and just as you’re typing the content into a Node shell, the presentation switches back to narration.  The examples themselves never really tie into a coherent whole.

Exercises are assigned at the end of several chapters, but a solution is never shown.   I can see that my code either works or does not, but lacking any feedback I have no idea if it’s done in the “Node.js way”.

Overall, this might be OK if presented at a conference, with solutions and more interaction possible, but the video series is not of great value.

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