DNS & BIND on IPv6

DNS & BIND on IPv6 is a short (37 pages e-book, 52 pages print) text that could be considered an IPv6 appendix to the author’s book on DNS.   It provides a brief introduction to IPv6 addressing, then moves directly into some of the new record types and configurations necessary to allow BIND to support IPv6.

I would consider this a useful booklet for active BIND administrators.  The information is available elsewhere, particularly in the RFC’s dealing with DNS and IPv6, but this is a much more convenient and succinct format.     Background knowledge of DNS and the operation of BIND is assumed by the author, and the material would be far less useful without that foundation.

Those with an interest in network security or design may also find this material of interest, although it does not directly address those areas.

Overall a good resource from an authoritative source, you will have to decide whether the purchase price is justified for such a brief volume.

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