Introduction to Search With SphinxIntroduction to Search with Sphinx is a short (127 pages in the e-book edition)  text describing some of the potential uses for the Sphinx search server.   After a brief exposition on the “world of text search”, which defines some search-related terms and concepts, it’s off to install Sphinx and perform required configuration, then delving into running searches, index maintenance and ranking results.

Note that if you are using a Linux variant to follow along, the system-supplied Sphinx packages may be quite far out of date, and you may desire or need to compile Sphinx from source.  In that event, some of the configuration directives in the book may also not align precisely with reality.  Experienced users should have no difficulty, novices may be confused.

An available MySQL installation is necessary to complete the examples as given, although they can be run on other datastores with some configuration work.

This book will get you up and running quickly, just don’t expect great depth in any area.   The provided example code worked in all cases which I tested (primarily command-line client) , although due to version differences the output differed slightly from the text in some cases.

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