Arduino Cookbook

Arduino CookbookThe Arduino Cookbook covers a wide range of Arduino-related topics in “recipe” format, i.e., stating a problem and providing at least one solution.  As the author states in the introduction, this book is slightly different from most technical cookbooks, because it does not assume a base skill level on the part of the reader, given that Arduino has a wider audience than just engineers and programmers.

Recipes start with very basic “hello world” type tasks such as connecting the Arduino, making an LED blink, etc., then progress through basic programming tasks and into the more complex realms of physical output, wireless, audio-visual output, etc.   Some reviewers have noted minor errors in code listings, which could be frustrating to the beginner, but an active errata listing is maintained on the publisher’s product page, along with an updated code download archive of the recipes.

I found the recipes to be a useful collection and recognized some questions that had stumped me in my first exploits with Arduino.  Margolis has a very direct writing style, which is complemented by uncluttered example code.   Where illustrations are used, they are clear and relevant, at least in the PDF version of the book.

Overall a timesaver and reliable reference, definitely worth purchasing.




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