Javascript: The Definitive Guide (Sixth Edition) is an excellent addition to the bookshelf of anyone who deals with Javascript on a regular basis.

Those having some prior exposure to Javascript should gain useful insights into the language while reading this book.   At over 1000 pages, the author has space and time to cover most topics in detail, although examples are relatively brief.    Some of the topics are necessarily dry, e.g., how Javascript handles semicolon delimiters, but even these are handled directly and without unnecessary “fluff”.

The cover description of the book indicates that the intended audience is experienced programmers, and I would concur with that statement.  While it would be possible to learn all the elements of Javascript using this book, it is not a tutorial nor is it structured to tie language elements and practices together for the novice.  A reader who has written a few functions or debugged a web-based script should be at home with this text.

In addition to the narrative portions, the book is, of course, a reference to the Javascript language.  This was actually the segment of the book which I used most in previous editions.  It’s handy for troubleshooting other people’s code when you can’t recall what a particular function does and cannot locate a simplistic example on the web.

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